About Us

Our Work Today

Today, 21 churches participate in the Samaritan Center’s work of serving those in need in the name of Jesus.

An interview and visit to the home allows staff members and volunteers to assess the extent of the client (or family’s) need.

In 2012 the Samaritan Center served 2,680 families of St Tammany Parish, including 3,818 children, 3,987 adults and 251 seniors.  These families received 1,612 food baskets (valued at $209,888).  871 personal baskets (valued at $12,384).  $3,994 in clothing and household items from Gran’s Attic.

Your donations enabled us to pay;
$14,439 in utility bills.
$46,232 in rent and house notes.
$2,663 in medical expenses.
$3,928 in homeless expenses.

The Samaritan Center receives no financial support from government sources. Local donations of food, clothing and money are its main source of funding.

The Samaritan Center actively networks with other Social Service organizations in the Greater New Orleans area and regularly meets with the Northshore Homeless Coalition and the Commission on Families. We are members of the Chamber of Commerce, The Old Mandeville Business Association, and LANO.

Serving Since 1989: Our History

In 1989, several Christian churches in Mandeville banded together to improve services to the poor in our community. Pooling resources of money, volunteers, donated canned goods and clothing, they hoped to streamline services by distributing them from a central location.

Victims of fires, floods and other emergencies received immediate assistance of food, clothing – and moral support. Single mothers and their children, families whose breadwinner had lost his or her job, and people who had suffered injuries and were enable to work found help, both material and spiritual, from Samaritan Center staff and volunteers. Then, as now, community support was tremendous.

Jesus said, “If you love me, feed my sheep.”
~John 21:17

That’s what we do at the Samaritan Center, not just for the physical hunger, but the spiritual too.